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BlueBird’s Illusion.

"Before I was trapped in the darkness. Everything was white.
And before the white…everything was stained with red by the blood…
I can’t breathe… I can’t shut my eyes or mouth….
I can feel that hot liquid on my face.

The blade flashed before my eyes. Slicing through their bodies…
That’s not right! It should’ve gone through my body.

Why…why are the both of you expressionless?
I though you wanted to kill me?
Why did it have to be them? Answer me!!
No… I must’ve gotten something wrong…
It´s fake!
It’s just a dream!

Stained with red they’re motionless.
Their eyes aren’t even shut say something. Their eyes are still open… Their blood is still warm…

Why have they become cold and stiff…? Not even moving…

Everything before me has turned white… I want to scream but can’t …
Let me leave this place… leave this nightmare.
Let me be free of this.
If they are really dead…
Then please let me die as well…?”

I do not own this. It is a translation from the game Bluebird’s Illusion - Or Copy-And-Paste-







The thought of losing yourself… is pretty scary, isn’t it?

A crossover of SDR2 and MCA B^)

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